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Here are some frequently asked questions for those interested in purchasing at Lancaster Mews in Royal Westmoreland in Barbados:

  • How long will construction take?

    We will have the first five homes ready to move in for Q4 2025.

  • How many homes will be built?

    The Lancaster Mews community comprises 13 townhomes. During Phase 1, five homes are released for sale. Two further phases, both with four homes, will finish out this community.

  • What is Royal Westmoreland, and where is it located?

    Royal Westmoreland is an exclusive resort community located on the west coast of Barbados, near Holetown. Established over 30 years ago, the estate spans over 800 acres. It includes a spectacular golf course, clubhouse, beach club, 24/7 security with AI perimeter monitoring, gyms, tennis, Pickleball and Paddel floodlit courts and luxury residences in mature, beautiful landscaping and a vibrant active members community.

  • What is the Lancaster Mews, and what properties are available there?

    Lancaster Mews is a development within the larger, gated Royal Westmoreland resort and is set in an exclusive landscaped community next to the Padel and Pickleball courts and homeowners gym area on the prestigious west coast of Barbados. 


    Lancaster Mews comprises 13 timeless two-storey townhomes homes with three bedrooms, three en-suite bathrooms, private swimming pools and parking. Each property is designed with a distinctive Caribbean flair and is fully furnished – move-in ready.

  • Can I visit during the construction phase?

    Yes. During construction, you can enjoy an unprecedented 50 per cent off rental rate discount with no blackout periods in one of our many villas/apartments.

  • What amenities are available to residents of the Lancaster Mews?

    Residents of Lancaster Mews who choose Club Membership can access all the amenities of the larger Royal Westmoreland resort, including the golf course, tennis, Padel and Pickleball courts, fitness centres, and beach club.

  • How much do properties at Lancaster Mews cost?

    Prices for properties at Lancaster Mews vary slightly depending on location. Prices start from GBP£1,050,000.

  • Is there a fractional ownership option available?

    Yes, Further details are available from the Royal Westmoreland team.

  • Can I purchase a property at Lancaster Mews as a non-Barbadian resident?

    Yes, non-Barbadian residents can purchase property at Lancaster Mews.

  • What is the process for purchasing a property at Lancaster Mews?

    The process for purchasing a property at Lancaster Mews is simple. Identify your chosen home, complete the Sales Disclosure Agreement with your resort agent, engage an attorney and complete the sale and purchase agreement. There are no other fees for the purchaser, such as government taxes.


    You will need to engage an attorney’s services to handle the transaction’s legal aspects and pay the attorney’s fixed rate fees.  There is a one-time Royal Westmoreland Property Owners Association (RWPOA) capital contribution and contingency fund contribution of US$10,462. The RWPOA is controlled by the homeowners and is a not-for-profit company that looks after security for the resort, the roads and verges.

  • What is the payment schedule during the build process?

    Royal Westmoreland offers staged payments as follows:

    • On Mobilisation (less reservation deposit) – 20 per cent
    • Your Club Membership begins when on the resort as a rental guest
    • On Conveyance of Land – 20 per cent
    • On Completion of Ground Floor Slab – 20 per cent
    • On Completion of Roof Level Belt Beam – 15 per cent
    • On Completion of Roof, External doors and Windows – 10 per cent
    • On Practical Completion – 12.5 per cent
    • On Completion of Snagging 2.5 per cent

  • Are there any additional fees associated with owning a property at Lancaster Mews?

    Yes, there is an annual neighbourhood fee covering the Lancaster Mews landscaping, parking/roads and lighting. Additionally, most residents choose to join the Royal Westmoreland Club, which has its own membership fees.

  • Can I rent my property at Lancaster Mews while not living there?

    While most property owners purchase at Royal Westmoreland for the lifestyle, some choose to rent out their homes when they are not using them. There are no restrictions on how you rent your property, this allows you to manage rentals to your specific requirements. We do offer a “comfort period” to help new owners get settled in and see how they use their new property (please see Q15 for further information).

  • What is the rental income potential for properties at Lancaster Mews?

    Many owners who rent their property look to cover their carrying costs while enjoying 6-8 weeks in the high season. Rental income potential varies depending on several factors, including owner usage, the size and location of the property, the time of year, and if the home has Club Membership. However, properties at Royal Westmoreland generally command high rental rates due to their exclusive location, luxury amenities and fun, vibrant community.

  • What is the “comfort period” and how does it work?

    An optional “comfort period” is being extended for two years, beginning one month after practical completion. During this time, the developer will pay the following expenses:

    • Annual RW Property Owners’ Association (RWPOA) dues;
    • Home insurance;
    • Land tax;
    • Property management;
    • Pool and garden maintenance;
    • Housekeeping for five days a week for a half a day;
    • Utilities; and
    • Annual full Club Membership.

    This is paid in exchange for rental control/retention of earned rental income from the home.

    The homeowner will have up to eight weeks of usage a year, excluding the two weeks over the Festive Season (21st December to 4th January). During occupancy, the homeowner will pay for housekeeping and electrical expenses.